Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Gluten Free Girl's Cardamom Fruit Bread Review

I love the Gluten Free Girl website!  I've read both her books and really enjoy her posts.  I love her relentlessness when it comes to perfecting a recipe so that we get to try it with all the kinks worked out!  I really couldn't afford to bake if it weren't for her and others like her out there blogging their baking accomplishments for all of us GFer's needing to make good food for our families.  I have already tried many of her recipes but most recently I tried her Cardamom Fruit Bread (

I won't post any pictures because hers were quite lovely, plus I fixed this the day we were leaving for vacation so I just didn't have time.  I mostly followed the recipe except that I didn't have any candied fruit on hand and the stuff I bought from the grocery tasted like poison (my darling husband kindly returned it for me) so I just used a variety of dried fruits I had on hand...cranberries, cherries, figs and dates.  I also made a green tea glaze to go on top instead of the butter and powdered sugar.  Everyone agreed that the cardamom was way too overpowering for us.  I would definitely decrease to 1 teaspoon or maybe even 1/2 teaspoon.  The dried fruit worked out fine, although I did add additional sugar to make up for the fact that my fruit wasn't candied.  I probably used about 1/2 cup of sugar instead of the 3T called for.  The bread was far from being too sweet and knowing that Shauna's sweet tooth is continually diminishing and mine is not, I found this to be a good call.  Lastly, I cooked mine in a bundt pan and could have easily taken it out at 40 minutes but left it in the additional 5 and it was a little overcooked. 

However, I would definitely make this again, with the revisions mentioned above.  Thanks to Shauna, at for this great recipe. 

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