Friday, December 30, 2011

Taco Bell Crunchy Taco's are NOT Gluten-Free

Nor do they claim to be.  Guess I should have checked here before going there!  I thought "meat, cheese, lettuce, corn tortilla...these should be okay."  Wrong!

I guess as you have probably already guessed, I had a couple crunchy taco's yesterday and spent the afternoon sicker than sick.  It seems the further I get from my gluten days, the sicker gluten is making me (when I accidentally ingest it).  Gone are the days when I thought I might cheat to have a slice of pizza.  It is just not worth it.  Yesterday, I ate my tacos, came home and suddenly had a case of (what I thought was) pink-eye.  I immediately put colloidal silver in it (which works great for pink-eye) and laid down.  I fell into this sort of weird sleep where I was in and out and just felt kind of out of it.  When I woke up, I felt like I was going to throw out (as my dear little daughter used to say).  I gulped down an Emergen-C and later took a ginger, a couple milk thistle and some digestive enzymes.  I slept horribly last night, waking up often, which I do not normally do.  Even this morning my stomach is still churning and crampy.

Taco, you definitely were not worth it!  I would like to mention here that we actually very rarely eat out.  We rarely ate out before going gluten-free, so even more so now.  But yesterday my floors were being refinished and I didn't have time to pack us something to eat before we left because I was trying to get everything up and out of the way.  I spent my "gluten-drunk" afternoon sleeping it off in my camper where my little girls and I ended up spending the night (floor fumes).  Not my best day, but now I know and you do too!

Update: 2 days later and I still have that "just been run over by a Mac truck" feeling.  I'm having pains in my legs, fuzzy head and stomach woes.  I once questioned whether a little gluten could really make you "that" sick.  Well, now I makes you THAT sick!  I will definitely be exercising more caution in regards to what goes in my mouth!

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